Finding Leap Year in SQL in a different method

Usually to know whether the given year is Leap/Not a leap we will divide the given year by 4.

If the remainder is 0 its Leap. Otherwise it is not a leap year.  

But this leads to a wrong result in some scenario. Assume that given year is 2300. It can be divided by 4 with 0 as remainder. But 2300 is not a leap year.

So we can use to the different methods to get the desired result. Given one of the method i have used.


SET @YEAR = 2300








‘Is a Leap Year’


‘Is not a Leap Year’



In the above example, @year acts as the input parameter which get “Year” as input. For the given Year, i was finding the day difference between Feb 01 and March 01. If it is 29, It is a Leap year Otherwise It is not. It will work under all scenario without any issues.

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  1. I find more blog posts of you on SQL Server jus’ like Pinal Dave – does. Great to archive these kinda posts da…keep blogging ;-)

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